Lo Sporting bed & breakfast - Via Matteotti, 15 - 17030 Nasino (SAVONA) frazione Perati - +39 320 19.44.193


We are 18km from the ancient medieval town of Albenga known for the export of flowers and herbs.

To reach us we suggest you to take the old Via Aurelia crossing the liguria from La Spezia and Ventimiglia, coming from Genoa to France you will find Albenga immediately after Alassio.

If you are driving the Albenga motorway exit 45km from Savona and 60km from Sanremo.

Once you arrive at the motorway exit of Albenga continue north to Cisano on Neva / Zuccarello s.p. 582.

After passing Cisano on the Neva after a few km turn left in the direction of Castelbianco, p.14, which runs along the Pennavaira stream.

After a dozen kilometers you arrive at Nasino; It continues for a few minutes following the road. To the right you will find a small street marked “Chiesa Perati Casale”.

Follow the sign and the road; You will walk away from the church and later on May 1st.

On the right you will find a beautiful church.

Continue following the road and you will arrive at a small church; You have come to the B & B Lo Sporting!