Tra Storia e Natura

history & nature

Nasino, a small village in the Ligurian hinterland in the province of Savona

Immersed in the Val Pennavaira at about 400m above sea level. We are 18km from the ancient medieval city of Albenga known for the export of flowers and its aromatic herbs.

To reach us we advise you to take the ancient Via Aurelia which crosses Liguria from La Spezia and Ventimiglia, arriving from Genoa towards France you will find Albenga immediately after Alassio.

If you take the Albenga motorway exit at 45km from Savona and 60km from Sanremo.

Once you arrive at the Albenga motorway exit, continue north to Cisano sul Neva / Zuccarello s.p. 582.

After passing Cisano sul Neva, after a few kilometers, turn left towards Castelbianco s.p.14 which runs along the Pennavaira stream.

After about ten km you reach Nasino; continue for a few minutes following the road. On the right you will find a small road with the indication “Chiesa Perati Casale".

Follow the sign and the road; you will walk along via della Chiesa and then via 1 ° Maggio.

On the right you will find a beautiful church.

Continue following the road and you will arrive at a very small church; you have arrived at the B&B Lo Sporting!


What to visit

Albenga and its historic center
Villanova d'Albenga with its ancient village
Zuccarello: ancient village with its markets
Cisano sul Neva: a charming town with ancient flavors
Pasqualini roasting: you cannot miss a coffee break in this wonderful coffee shop
Gorlenga with its golf club
Pieve di Teco at 25km: beautiful ancient village with a walk between shops and medieval arcades, famous for its shoes
Toirano Caves: beautiful!
Water park in Ceriola